My Clean PC Scam

MyCleanPC and DoubleMySpeed are two domains coming out with fake software, which carries Trojan or Rogue virus with them and infects your PC. Both of the domains belong to the same company but prevailing by the name of different providers. It is just a marketing tactic used by them in a very cunning method to whip your cash card, which is all going to be in vain.

MyCleanPC Scam is now a hot discussion over the tech people, reviewers and users. It would be the responsibility of anyone to create awareness among the others towards fake and fraudulent websites and software. Scammers should be blocked and punished severely as they are the root cause to build a corrupted technology. They just do profit making business in the wrong and fake way cheating the innocent customers.

My Clean PC Scam

Understanding the MyCleanPC Scam

MyCleanPC – The Company follows up a very powerful weapon of commercial advertisement to reach its consumers. People easily get diverted with the flashy TV commercial and fall under the claws of the money swindlers. MyCleanPC operates under different names and all registered under the name of Cyber Defender like DoubleMySpeed and MaxMySpeed.

The fake commercial starts off like this, “Is your computer running slowly… are you frustrated with error messages, blue screens…” and keeps on going like this. Anyone who owns a computer and internet are tend to have these kinds of problems once in a month or once in a week too, but that doesn’t mean they should drag themselves to these fraternal cheaters.

The My Clean PC Scam is that they market their products under Cyber Defender Company, which makes your PC as their tool to urge you to buy their products. The scam starts with where you download their free scan and the scan comes out with a result showing dreadful errors or threats on your PC. Later, they prompt you to download their additional product if you want to wipe out those errors. This way they make you to buy their software.

Stand against MyCleanPC Scam

Their main target is on the imprudent consumers and makes them fall in their hidden traps. The question is while we see many trustable companies on the market to protect your PC against viruses, why we opt for this kind of inferior and uncertified products and unsafe companies. If we are not going to alert ourselves against these spammers we are the losers and we will be growing up them as successful fakers.

“100% SATISFACTION – RISK FREE GUARANTEE” is one of the cliché on their website but it has to be portrayed like this “100% DISATISFACTION – FREE RISK GUARANTEE”. While reading through the ratings of reviewers and customers we come across so many bad reviews and ratings about MyCleanPC. The WOT ratings and CNET rating to Cyber Defender and its allies companies and products shows very bad reputation remarks.

Wake up once and for all or fall forever

The time has come to identify the fakes among the real providers. Wake up against the spammers and scam creators to protect yourself and your money from being deceived. To make you understand the seriousness with My Clean PC Scam you have innumerous blogs, news, reviews, personal experience blogs, and review ratings. With these help you have an opportunity to defend against Cyber Defender and MyCleanPC websites. This is the right time to wake up or if you miss it you fall forever before the spammers.